(BNG 2021 VX) Feedback from Form Fill-out to Faculty Development: Fostering a Data Culture to Integrate Perspectives and Lessons across Multiple Roles, University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has operated its course evaluations in Blue for over a decade. Our team is now being integrated and expanded into a larger Assessment and Evaluation portfolio that also includes the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning and Faculty (SoTL) Development. Multiple staff and stakeholders have always necessarily been involved in collecting and [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Product Roadmaps: A Look at What is and What is Yet to Come, Explorance

(BNG 2021 VX) Meet Blue Experts in Explorance & Ask Questions for Bluenotes Community Members in APAC Regions, Explorance

Presenter(s): Dave Sykes, Mohammed Sheraidah & Nitin Sharma, Explorance

(BNG 2021 VX) FRG: Natural Language Processing of Qualitative Student Evaluations Data: a Proof of Concept Study, University of Waikato

Student feedback is an essential component of effective learning and improving students' learning experiences, and educational institutions commonly administer formal student evaluations to evaluate and improve teaching effectiveness. While basic quantitative data is easy to analyse at scale, student evaluations also collect a great deal of qualitative data that, because it would be tedious and [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Managing the Mischief of Health Sciences Course Evaluations, James Madison University

Health Sciences course evaluations, with their many permutations and combinations of components, can be a little challenging! This presentation showcases James Madison University’s resourceful approach to handling their Kinesiology courses which consist of multiple lectures and labs inter-dependent on each other. Join Donna to see how the courses are implemented in Blue to meet the [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) The Secret Ingredients for Large-scale Projects, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology & Explorance

No time for a small pilot? No problem. With the right team and the right strategy, Blue implementations don’t have to be small. In this session, SAIT shares our implementation story and what it took to roll out four evaluation projects all at once, collecting over 34,000 responses in our first two months with Blue. [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Assessing Diversity in the Classroom: How a Health Sciences University used Blue to Evaluate Diversity Challenges, Oregon Health & Science University

In 2018, the Provost’s Office at Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) began the process for collecting and assessing data on the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion. One of the pieces of data being assessed was scores and comments from student evaluations. To better address the request for data, OHSU included a question in [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Panel: How did the COVID pandemic Transform Evaluations at Your Institution?, James Madison University, Rutgers University, University of Pennsylvania, & University of Minnesota

Higher-Education institutions' commitment to improve students' educational experiences includes regular review of their course evaluation programs, identifying needed changes to help instructors, deans, curriculum committees, etc. receive high quality feedback from students. The pace and scope of those adaptations changed dramatically when the COVID-19 pandemic altered instruction and learning. Panelists from multiple institutions discuss how [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) FRG: Enhancing Engineering Course Evaluations: An Intercultural Competence Intervention and Assessment Program, Kennesaw State University

Traditionally, institutional course evaluations do not include measures to assess students’ development of intercultural competence (IC) and communication skills, which are crucial for the 21st-century global workforce. We propose an intervention and assessment program to fill this gap by utilizing the Story Circles (SC) method developed by Deardorff (Routledge, 2020) tailored to the context of [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) BlueX as a Cornerstone for a University-wide Survey Policy, Bellarmine University

A key component of Bellarmine University's newly adopted Survey Policy is safeguarding data and protecting respondent privacy all while supporting data-informed decision making. Before the adoption of BlueX, surveys were being conducted on multiple different platforms with no cohesive or strategic consideration given to data security. Information was siloed across divisions and there was no [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Making the Dynamic Report Viewer Feature Work for You, University of Pittsburgh

Think the Blue Dynamic Report Viewer won’t work with a complex report viewer model or data structure? With some forethought and data management, you can take advantage of this feature to meet most of your report viewer access needs. The University of Pittsburgh has a complex report viewer model. Each school determines its own set [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) FRG: Understanding the Use of Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) Data for Research Purposes, Dalhousie University

Student ratings of instruction (SRI) are a longstanding form of data used to enhance teaching, and platforms like Blue offer analysis and reporting capabilities that can enhance data visualization and dissemination. While the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS-2) provides guidelines for the use of data originally collected for purposes other than research (such as SRIs), many [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Fun With Health Sciences: OASIS and Blue, Tufts University

Health Sciences data is a tricky thing. Tufts University is using the OASIS (Online Access to Student Information and Scheduling) system to manage clinical rotations. In this session, we discuss the technical details of how we store and prepare the data in OASIS, transport it to Blue, and use it to automate our veterinary school [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Engaging Faculty, Departments, & Schools in Utilizing Midcourse Surveys for Improvement, Rutgers University

Midcourse surveys are an excellent formative tool for instructors and departments to utilize at a point when changes are still possible in the semester. However, many instructors and admins do not understand the benefits of running them. This presentation covers how we at Rutgers University engage faculty in the midcourse survey process through an interactive [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Explorance CEO Update and Looking Forward, Explorance

Presenter(s): Samer Saab, Explorance

(BNG 2021 VX) FRG: Students’ Perception of Formative Assessment Intervention Strategy (FAIS) as an Instructional Tool in Competency-Based Medical Education: A Proof-of-concept Study, University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU)

Formative Assessments in medical education aim to measure the student’s progress over time, and can be employed to strategize an effective support-system encouraging learning and pedagogy. This proof-of-concept study aims to evaluate students’ perception of a Formative Assessment Intervention Strategy (FAIS), implemented in the pre-clerkship curriculum at our medical school. We also appraised the impact [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Things that Don’t Fit: Working with Non-traditional Course Surveys, Rutgers University

SET* s often focus on traditional credit-bearing course while other educational programs may be left out of the process altogether. This presentation provides an overview of various approaches that Rutgers University has used to address the unique needs of three programs: Cooperative Extension courses, non-credit courses, and courses for incarcerated students. * SET: Student Evaluation [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) A Framework for Assurance of Learning, University of Dubai

In Outcome-based Education assurance of learning is paramount. It stems from the statement in all syllabi that “after the end of the course, students are expected to be able to …”, which requires that course instructor, course coordinator, and assessment committee demonstrate the extent to which students have achieved the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs). A [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Accessibility Dividend: Learning that Leaves No One Behind in a Post-pandemic World of Higher Education, David Suzuki of Design

The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to figure out how to swiftly get remote learning ready for everyone. Many of higher-ed institutions were saying “I finally get it” regarding the importance of eAccessibility for both synchronous and asynchronous education. Challenges formerly experienced by a minority of students suddenly became challenges for the majority, leading to breakthrough [...]

(BNG 2020 VX) Bluenotes Community of Interest Meetup: Business Schools Community