New Blue Training Experience!

Join us to learn all about the recent updates to Blue Administrator training, including a modernized elearning platform, focused learning on Blue concepts and reporting, a new LMS and more! Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2022 Time: Three sessions are scheduled for Bluenotes Community members in different time zones worldwide. Select a session that best fits [...]

[Bluenotes Midterm Surveys] Sharing and Discussing Implementations, Processes, and Practices

Whether you’ve just completed a round of midterm surveys or are planning to add this service for your faculty, join this kick-off session. Bluenotes community members will drive the discussion to include topics such as the technical aspects of using Blue for midterm surveys, best practices for using formative feedback, reporting options, and resource [...]

Bluenotes Atlantic Hurricanes Chapter Meetup

Members in the Bluenotes Atlantic Hurricanes Chapter (Blue-using institutions in the Mid/South Atlantic region of the US) are meeting on Thursday, November 17, 2022 @ 2pm EDT. At this inaugural meetup, Bluenotes Atlantic Hurricanes Chapter members will connect together to discuss topics relevant to the Mid and South Atlantic region and kick-off this new [...]

Bluenotes U15 Chapter Meetup

Members in the Bluenotes U15 Chapter (Blue-using Canadian Research Universities that are a part of the U15 Consortium) are meeting on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 @ 2pm EDT. At this inaugural meetup, Bluenotes U15 Chapter members will connect together and discuss topics, including: How to get away from solely relying on student survey results, [...]

“A Significant Improvement”: Using Blue to Support Enhancement and Closing the Loop Activities

The University of Worcester has just completed its first 12 months of using Blue following a successful implementation project. This presentation will cover the positive impacts and some challenges of launching Blue across the institution, with a particular focus on how we are using the system to improve communications and feedback to students. We will [...]