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learning webinars for Bluenotes community members are one example of how you can globally connect and share experiences with improvement in mind. Created and presented by experts from Blue® powered institutions and experts from Explorance, these sessions will give you an opportunity to learn best practices from real Blue users.

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Learning Webinars

BlueX Onboarding - Creating: Create Surveys How You Want to with BlueX

calendarThursday, December 10th 2020, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM Eastern Timezone8 days remaining

BlueX enables you to craft your survey how you want it to look, while asking the questions that are important to you. BlueX features a free-form editor with a drag and drop interface that provides you with unprecedented flexibility to make changes any time you want. Conducting research, taking the pulse of employee engagement, building student engagement into course materials, or creating a newsletter with a reader engagement and feedback gathering capability, the BlueX platform allows you to quickly generate engaging feedback collection solutions.

This learning webinar is Part 1 of BlueX onboarding, covering key BlueX features and functionality to:

  • Introduction to BlueX
  • Creating a survey in BlueX, including importing questions from Qualtrics
  • Building an email campaign
  • Publish to go live

Time: This webinar is offered several times. Select the date and time that works best for you.

Presenter: Dave Sykes, Product Training Specialist, Explorance


A Dynamic Approach to Implementation of Blue at Strathclyde

calendarWednesday, February 10th 2021, 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM Eastern Timezone70 days remaining

The University of Strathclyde will present on the approach taken to implement Explorance Blue through a 2-year project, preceded by University-wide consultation which built on years of previous experience, including a range of approaches and module evaluation pilots across the institution. We will also present the dynamic governance structure which has been adopted for the phased approach to ensure appropriate academic representation and effective collaboration with academic, teaching and professional services colleagues. Blue module evaluation is delivered via integration with Strathclyde’s Moodle-based VLE and adopters of the system at each phase have represented a wide range of disciplines over undergraduate and postgraduate modules, taught both face to face and online. Strathclyde colleagues will report on evaluation to date that is built in to inform subsequent implementation of the system.

Time: February 10, 2:00pm British Timezone; 9:00am Eastern Timezone

Presenters: Brian Green, Caroline Breslin, Jacqueline Jahn, Caroline Aitchison | University of Strathclyde

Learning Webinars

360 Reports: Harnessing the Power of Story Telling

calendarTuesday, February 16th 2021, 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM Eastern Timezone76 days remaining

Organizations can present 360 feedback in an efficient story telling manner so that it becomes a mechanism that drives meaningful change. Every type of project possesses its own narrative, and 360-reports can be set up in numerous ways to effectively convey that desired narrative.

Throughout this webinar we will cover real-world examples of reporting structures for individual 360 assessments, team assessments, engagement surveys, culture assessments, and others. We will walk through the layouts, design, and best practices in reports that can enhance insights. Establishing well-structured reports that inform, inspire, and, ultimately, drive better decisions is an asset to any organization.

Time: October 13, 4:00pm Eastern Timezone

Instructor: Erika Cost, David Norenberg, Tyrel Anderson, Explorance

Learning Webinars

Diving into Blue 8 Enhancements: Scheduling, Rater Selection, and the Survey Fill Out Experience

calendarWednesday, February 17th 2021, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM Eastern Timezone77 days remaining

This is part one of a two-part learning webinar series presenting key enhancements made to improve the end-user experience in Blue 8. We will be going over changes in the user experience for survey fill out as well as the rater selection for 360 and/or 180 reviews. Additionally, we will present the following features:

  • Condition-based scheduling of feedback projects such as course evaluations and 360 reviews
  • More messaging opportunities (up to five reminders and a completion message)
  • Downloadable certificates of survey completion
  • Ability to set the rater participation limit, in other words, how many times a person can be asked to provide feedback

Time: This webinar is offered several times. Select the date and time that works best for you.

Presenter: Michael Cochrane, Senior Product Training Specialist, Explorance

Learning Webinars

Diving into Blue 8 Enhancements: Subject Management, Question Personalization, and more

calendarWednesday, February 24th 2021, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM Eastern Timezone84 days remaining

In this second part of our two-part learning webinar series presenting enhancements made to improve the end-user experience in Blue 8, we look at Subject Management and Question Personalization. Question Personalization takes on a new look with added features such as reusing questions from a previous project and more. While Subject Management has been re-imagined in a tile view to provide centralized access to:

  • Response rates
  • Evaluation timing
  • Reports
  • Advanced controls (e.g., an evaluation start time)
  • Easy access to all tasks for that subject

Time: This webinar is offered several times. Select the date and time that works best for you.

Presenter: Michael Cochrane, Senior Product Training Specialist, Explorance


What Can You Do to Increase Course Evaluation Response Rates? Probably A Lot!

calendarWednesday, March 10th 2021, 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM Eastern Timezone98 days remaining

What do you have in your toolbox to improve course evaluation response rates? More than what you think! Join this webinar to learn how Douglas College is using what they have in their toolbox to leverage social media with targeted visuals, reminders, and messaging directed towards students, with the aim of enhancing the visibility and use of their Course Feedback tool. You will also hear the future ideas on how they plan to leverage different strategies to help increase awareness and completion of students’ course feedback in the future.

Time: March 10, 2:00pm Eastern Timezone

Presenter: Suheyl Unver, PhD, Manager, Education & Services Research, Douglas College


Two Roles, One Class: How to Rate a Secondary Subject Twice in One Form

calendarWednesday, April 14th 2021, 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM Eastern Timezone133 days remaining

The Instructor Role and triggers were setup for team-taught courses with multiple instructor roles in the same course. While those tools are powerful, our situation required specific questions for roles and, for an individual serving in multiple roles in the same course, those questions needed to be available “twice” in the questionnaire. Additionally, while one role (Instructor) was evaluated by all students, a different role (Facilitator) needed to be selectable to just the students who had this instructor in small group. In this webinar we will present the unique situation we faced as well as illustrate the solution we came up with to allow an instructor to be evaluated twice in the same form.

Time: April 14, 2:00pm Eastern Timezone

Presenters: Christina Pomykal, Program Manager, UNC-Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy; Michael Lee Jones, Professional Services Consultant, Explorance