Bluenotes Conferences & Certification Training Camps

Here you can find listed all upcoming and pertinent conferences, in-person certification training camps (in addition to online Blue Administrator Certification training), and local chapter events. Please visit this section frequently to find out how Blue users can form meaningful connections, share product knowledge and learn best practices from like-minded Blue users.  Thank you to all the participating Universities for hosting these special events.

Blue Report Master Certification Training Camps

pin-markerIn-Person Training CampscalendarFeb 5th - Feb 7th

The Blue Report Master Certification Training Camp is a 3-day instructor-led training workshop to further develop your knowledge and skillset on Blue's report building blocks and functionalities, allowing for deeper analysis of data collected and better informed data-driven decision making. Two BRMC training camps are scheduled in 2020 - one in Montreal, February and the other in August at the Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020 conference.

Blue Expert Certification Training Camps

pin-markerIn-Person Training CampscalendarFeb 10th - Feb 12th

The 3-day in-person Blue Expert Certification Training Camp (part of the Blue Certification Training Programs), will further develop your Blue knowledge and expertise so that you will be able to implement any feedback process at varying degrees of complexity. There are two BEC training camps scheduled in 2020 - the first will be in Montreal on Feb. 10-12, and the other will be in Chicago at Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020 on July 30-August 1.

Blue Administrator Certification Training Camp at Bluenotes APAC 2020

pin-markerIn-Person Training CampcalendarFeb 11th - Feb 12th

The Blue Administrator Certification (BAC) training camp at the Bluenotes APAC 2020 conference is a part of a specially designed instructor-led, face-to-face BAC training program. This BAC training is to be delivered in a blended format where face-to-face, hands-on training at the certification camp is combined with pre-camp self-directed learning activities. Register,get trained and certified!

Bluenotes APAC 2020 Conference

pin-markerThe University of Newcastle, Newcastle, AUScalendarFeb 13th - Feb 14th

Centered on the theme ‘Continuous Learning in the Journey of Higher Education: Using Analytics to Measure Progress and Inform Decisions’, Bluenotes APAC 2020 is a two-day conference where Blue enthusiasts in the APAC regions can connect, share expertise, and learn from best practices.

Bluenotes BC Chapter Feb 2020 Meeting

pin-markerBCIT Burnaby, BCcalendarFeb 20th - Feb 20th

Together with your support, the BBC chapter aims to bring Blue users more closely together in the British Columbia area to share and learn, optimizing the value from the Blue family products and influencing the future of the products together. Nancy and Juanitta, the co-chairs of the BBC chapter, would like to invite you to the 2nd BBC chapter meeting then a dinner out at a restaurant close by (compliments of Explorance)

Bluenotes EUROPE 2020 Conference

pin-markerGlasgow, UKcalendarMar 25th - Mar 26th

Bluenotes EUROPE 2020 is a two-day conference where Blue enthusiasts can connect, share expertise, and learn from best practices.

Blue Certification Camps at Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020

pin-markerIn-Person Training CampcalendarJul 30th - Aug 1st

By popular request, three specially designed instructor-led face-to-face Blue certification training camps will be held in conjunction with the Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020 Conference – the Blue Administrator Certification (BAC) training camp, the Blue Expert Certification (BEC) training camp, and the Blue Report Master Certification (BRMC) training camp.

Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020 Conference

pin-markerChicago, IL, USAcalendarAug 2nd - Aug 5th

Explorance is hosting the 7th annual Bluenotes GLOBAL Conference in Chicago, IL. Join your Bluenotes community colleagues to connect and share your experiences in using data and analytics to turn student feedback into insights for student learning and development.