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What Can You Do to Increase Course Evaluation Response Rates? Probably A Lot!

What do you have in your toolbox to improve course evaluation response rates? More than what you think! Join this webinar to learn how Douglas College is using what they have in their toolbox to leverage social media with targeted visuals, reminders, and messaging directed towards students, with the aim of enhancing the visibility and [...]

Two Roles, One Class: How to Rate a Secondary Subject Twice in One Form

The Instructor Role and triggers were setup for team-taught courses with multiple instructor roles in the same course. While those tools are powerful, our situation required specific questions for roles and, for an individual serving in multiple roles in the same course, those questions needed to be available “twice” in the questionnaire. Additionally, while one [...]

BlueX Onboarding – Creating: Create Surveys How You Want to with BlueX

BlueX enables you to craft your survey how you want it to look, while asking the questions that are important to you. BlueX features a free-form editor with a drag and drop interface that provides you with unprecedented flexibility to make changes any time you want. Conducting research, taking the pulse of employee engagement, building [...]

Diving into Blue 8 Enhancements: Scheduling, Rater Selection, and the Survey Fill Out Experience

This is part one of a two-part learning webinar series presenting key enhancements made to improve the end-user experience in Blue 8. We will be going over changes in the user experience for survey fill out as well as the rater selection for 360 and/or 180 reviews. Additionally, we will present the following features: Condition-based [...]

A Dynamic Approach to Implementation of Blue at Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde will present on the approach taken to implement Explorance Blue through a 2-year project, preceded by University-wide consultation which built on years of previous experience, including a range of approaches and module evaluation pilots across the institution. We will also present the dynamic governance structure which has been adopted for the [...]

Student Service Experience: How using Student ID Cards enables Fast Feedback on Student Services at Somerset

As students at Somerset Community College are using services such as advisor and tutor services, they are able to provide timely feedback for student services on campus, as well as their experiences with tutors and advisors. By integrating student IDs with barcode scanning functionality, student services and Blue, Somerset initiates the student feedback process from [...]

Flip the Script! Using Blue for Course and Program Assessment

Can Blue be used in assessment of courses and programs, in addition to students evaluating courses? Yes! Hennepin Technical College has developed an approach to use Blue in order to provide assessments on a course level and a program level, in a more efficient and effective way for faculty completing their end of term assessments. [...]

Blue 7.19 Release Q & A

Blue 7.19 is available as of January 26. What’s new in Blue 7.19? In this webinar, we will go over the key new features and enhancements included in Blue 7.19. And the webinar will be open to you for questions. Join the webinar to learn and discuss how these new features and enhancements can help [...]

Changing/Updating Task Dates in Published Projects in Blue

Last year, Blue 7.13 introduced the ability to automatically update demographic information in live projects. Allowing such demographic updates after publication was eagerly anticipated. In addition to that functionality came the ability to update Task dates in live projects, and not just static dates, Dynamic Days calculations as well! When date changes need to happen [...]

BlueML Onboarding – Interpreting Qualitative Data for Actionable Insights

Qualitative data gives valuable understanding into the “why” behind quantitative scores. However, reading through thousands of comments can be quite exhausting - and how do you then organize those comments into actionable items? BlueML is a specialized text analytics tool built to support experience management. It uses powerful and proprietary machine learning algorithms to automatically [...]

Did You Know Blue Could Do That?

Many institutions have applied Blue in creative and innovative ways beyond course evaluations for feedback-informed decisions and a higher level of student experience. In this learning webinar, Candace Girard at Tufts University and Donna Davis at James Mason University are joining together to share how they are using Blue. You will learn how Tufts University [...]

More About Blue 8 – Dynamic Days, Self-Enrollment, and Answering Your Questions

Continuing with the exploration of Blue 8's features and development, we will cover how Dynamic Days are managed. We will also dive into a new feature that helps admins gather feedback when none or only a portion of an audience is known: Self-Enrollment. Through the use of QR codes, individuals not already invited to a [...]

How SUTD Reached a 95%+ Response Rate on their Course and Instructor Evaluations in 6 Months

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) tried to increase the response rate of their Course and Instructor Evaluations over several years with limited success. In this Webinar, SUTD will share how their innovative usage of Blue and University Policies resulted in a 97% response rate in 2020. Time: May 19, 4:00pm Singapore Timezone Presenters: Magnus [...]

Feedback Analysis with the Blue Dashboard

The Blue Dashboard (BD) supports data-driven decision making at every level of the organization, with flexible data management rules to distribute the right content to the right audience. Join this webinar to learn how stakeholders in every area of the organization can safely explore and make data-driven decisions in one feedback friendly environment. This webinar [...]

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting – How to Identify and Prevent Common Issues in Blue

Why aren’t my emails going out? Why aren’t students able to access the evaluation forms? Why is the wrong teacher being evaluated? Why are my report viewers all wrong? How do I get Dynamic Report Access to work? In this webinar, we will showed you how to verify, check, and test your data to prevent [...]

Preparing your Data to Take Advantage of Relationship Demographics in Blue

View this webinar recording to learn how to work with relationship demographics to provide more flexibility and control over the course evaluation and reporting processes. Utilizing additional data fields will offer you more options for setting triggers, different types of filters, and other conditional rules. As a result, students can select whom or what to [...]

What can Students Contribute to Assessment and Improvement of Teaching Quality? University of Saskatchewan’s Journey from Student Evaluation of Teaching to Student Learning Experience Feedback

Increasingly institutions are reflecting on the purposes of student evaluations of teaching, referred to by many names including student ratings of instruction and course evaluations. The numerous terms used to describe these instruments suggest a multitude of potentially conflicting purposes and/or audiences. In this webinar, the University of Saskatchewan will share its journey of shifting [...]

MBRU’s Experiences with Abruptly Transitioning Medical Programs to Distance Learning at the Onset of COVID-19

This presentation shed light on the rapid transition to distance learning of a postgraduate dental medicine and an undergraduate medical program at the Mohammad Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU). An action research approach constituted the foundation of this collaborative effort that involved investigations, reflections, and improvements of practice, through ongoing cycles [...]

Parcours des données avec Blue (Épisode 3 de 3): Automatisation de bout en bout et délégation pour l’engagement

Maintenant que vous savez comment préparer vos données et comment synchroniser les données avec Blue, dans ce dernier épisode de cette série de webinaires d'apprentissage en trois parties, nous partagerons avec vous des conseils pour l'étape finale du parcours de vos données avec Blue - l'automatisation et la délégation de bout en bout. Joignez-vous [...]

Parcours des données avec Blue (Épisode 2 de 3): Synchronisation des données avec Blue

Dans l'épisode 2 de cette série de webinaires d'apprentissage en 3 parties, nous partagerons avec vous des conseils pour la deuxième étape du parcours de vos données avec Blue - la synchronisation de vos données à Blue. Joignez-vous à ce webinaire pour avoir les réponses aux questions clés que vous vous posez sur la [...]