Blue 8.1: A Modernized Reporting Experience and More!

Join us to learn all about the Blue 8.1 release, including a modernized reporting administrator and end-user experience, public survey links available for 360 (Subject Definition) projects, an updated Item Bank that allows for the Cascaded Evaluation Framework, and more! Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023 Time: Three sessions are scheduled for Bluenotes Community members [...]

[Bluenotes Midterm Surveys: June Meetup] Improving the Experience and Adding Value

The Bluenotes Midterm Surveys Community meetup is scheduled on June 28, 2023 at 1pm ET. This meetup's discussion will focus on topics surrounding: Harnessing Blue 8 features and functionality Blue Connector, including LMS integration, features, and set-up We will also continue to discuss topics being shared on the  Bluenotes Midterm Surveys Discussion forum. Date: [...]

[Bluenotes Midterm Surveys: May Meetup] Sharing and Discussing Technical Considerations for Blue Midterm Survey Project Set-up

The Bluenotes Midterm Surveys Community meetup is scheduled on May 3, 2023 at 1pm ET. This meetup will focus on the technical considerations when it comes to setting up a midterm survey project in Blue. Topics to discuss include:How to decide between creating one project or separate projectsScheduling tasks for concurrent survey periodsSubject ManagementBest practices [...]

[Bluenotes Midterm Surveys: March Meetup] Implementing a Midterm Survey Process and Raising Awareness Across Campus

The Bluenotes Midterm Surveys Community meetup is scheduled on March 16, 2023 at 1pm ET. Based on feedback from our members, our upcoming meetups will be topic-specific. The topic to be shared and discussed in this March meetup is Raising awareness across campus – strategies for engaging administrators, instructors, and students in the midterm [...]

Bluenotes R1 Universities Chapter Meetup: January 25

Members in the Bluenotes R1 Universities Chapter (Blue-using R1 universities in the United States) are holding an inaugural meetup on Wednesday, January 25 at 2pm EDT to connect and share experiences. Key topics they are interested in discussing, sharing and solving together include: How to move to a more integrated evaluation of instruction Role [...]

[Bluenotes U15 Chapter: February Meetup] Moving to More Integrated Evaluations of Instruction

Thank you to all Bluenotes U15 Chapter members for making the inaugural meetup on November 16, 2022 a success! Various topics were discussed, and based upon the discussions, community members would like to dedicate each future meetup focusing on one specific topic relevant to U15 institutions with in-depth sharing and discussion. The next Bluenotes [...]

Data to Insights – Part 2: How Washburn School of Nursing (SON) Transforms Data into Actionable Insights for Purposeful Improvements

You’ve collected your feedback data; now how do you turn it into actionable insights to improve the student learning experience, teaching effectiveness, and operational efficiencies? Join this webinar (part 2 of 2) to learn how Washburn SON makes sense of data from various sources (SIS, LMS, Blue, etc.) in Blue Dashboard and data warehouse [...]

Data to Insights – Part 1: How Washburn School of Nursing (SON) Draws on the Power of Blue to Collect (“Project Set-ups”) and Report on Data (“Report Set-ups”) for Actionable Insights

Join this webinar (part 1 of 2) to learn how Washburn SON draws on the power of Blue with various project set-ups for a wide range of evaluations (such as end-of-term courses, end-of-program, peer-to-peer, agency-preceptor, and faculty workshop evaluations) to provide a more holistic view of student and faculty feedback for actionable insights. Washburn [...]