Blue Reports, Blue Dashboard, and Data Exports: What to Use When

A wide range of reporting and analytics needs for different stakeholders requires various approaches in higher-education institutions. In this webinar, our product experts will provide clarity on what to use when - what situations and business scenarios are best suited for leveraging Blue Reports, Blue Dashboard, and/or Data Exports. Join this webinar to learn [...]

Scheduling Different Course-Evaluation Periods and Emails in One Project

Blue 8’s scheduling functionality allows an institution to handle different course-evaluation periods and emails in one project with enhanced automation and flexibility for student engagement. As Bluenotes Community members shared their experiences in using Blue 8’s scheduling and email functionalities at the recent in-person Bluenotes GLOBAL 2022 conference, they are continuing the exchange of [...]

Bluenotes Atlantic Hurricanes Chapter Meetup

Members in the Bluenotes Atlantic Hurricanes Chapter (Blue-using institutions in the Mid/South Atlantic region of the US) are meeting on Thursday, November 17, 2022 @ 2pm EDT. At this inaugural meetup, Bluenotes Atlantic Hurricanes Chapter members will connect together to discuss topics relevant to the Mid and South Atlantic region and kick-off this new [...]

Bluenotes U15 Chapter Meetup

Members in the Bluenotes U15 Chapter (Blue-using Canadian Research Universities that are a part of the U15 Consortium) are meeting on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 @ 2pm EDT. At this inaugural meetup, Bluenotes U15 Chapter members will connect together and discuss topics, including: How to get away from solely relying on student survey results, [...]

[Bluenotes Reporting & Analytics] Reporting How-Tos in Blue

Thank you all those who joined the Bluenotes Reporting & Analytics community meet up at the Bluenotes GLOBAL 2022. It was great to meet and connect face to face. Following up on the discussion at the BNG 2022, we will go over the following topics in this Bluenotes Community Meetup: Guideline Document – next [...]

Beyond Dashboards: How We Changed the Fabric of Decision Making

Years in the making, Sheridan's integrated suite of intelligence tools has transformed leadership's ability to consistently make faster, better decisions in high stakes situations, bringing IR to the fore in terms of visibility, credibility and strategic import. In the post-pandemic era of change and disruption, this work has tangibly improved our ability to successfully [...]