Upcoming Blue Expert Certification training

Blue Expert Certification Training

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The Blue Expert Certification (BEC) training is an expert level training designed to further deepen your Blue knowledge and expertise so that you will be able to design and implement any feedback process at varying degrees of automation and autonomy, and optimize your Blue implementations to best address your own institution’s needs.

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The Blue Expert Certification (BEC) training is designed to further develop your expertise and skills in using advanced Blue features so that you can implement any feedback process at varying degrees of complexity. Becoming a certified Blue Expert requires approximately 40 hours of your time. This Blue Expert Certification training is to be delivered in either an online or traditional in-class format where instructor-led training is combined with pre-training self-directed learning activities. At the end of the BEC training, the participant will be at the certified Blue Expert level, thus given the Blue Expert Certificate.


The Blue Expert Certification (BEC) training is to be delivered in an instructor-led face-to-face training camp format. The BEC training camp is composed of the following:

  • Self-directed learning module, prior to the instructor-led training camp:
    • Prior to the instructor-led training camp, training participants are required to view self-directed learning modules which will be made available to you in our Explorance LMS.
    • This self-directed online review activity consists of materials that a BEC training participant is expected to review and complete prior to the instructor-led portion of the training. The participant may complete this self-directed module at his or her own pace. This self-directed module is designed to allow the participant to review key Blue concepts that certified Blue Administrators are expected to be familiar with, such as Question Personalization, Subject View Management, and Relational Demographics.
    • This review also includes exercises to practice applying these concepts when creating a Blue project. This self-directed module must be completed prior to the instructor-led training camp to ensure that the participant is ready to fully participate in and complete the training.
    • The instructor will be available to you during this time to assist you to plan and finish the self-directed module before the instructor-led training camp.
  • Instructor-led training:
    • This instructor-led training consists of approximately 24 hours of learning activities, including a certification activity. It offers hands-on participation and discussions required to be certified as a Blue Expert. Upon finishing the certification activity at the end of the training, the participant will receive their Blue Expert Certificate.

Upcoming BEC Training Sessions

Date Location Information
20-22 March at Bluenotes EUROPE 2023 Leonardo Royal Hotel Brighton Waterfront | Brighton UK See the BEC Camp agenda.
July 28-30 at Bluenotes GLOBAL 2023 The Brown Hotel | Louisville, KY  See the BEC @ BNG 2023 website for more information.

Who should take the Blue Expert Certification Training?

  • This certification training program is intended for certified Blue Administrators with experience in implementing a Blue project autonomously at least in one evaluation or survey cycle, or those with an equivalent level of Blue knowledge and experience

Learning Objectives and Key Benefits

With the completion of the Blue Expert Certification training, a training participant will be able to:

  • Acquire expert knowledge and skills in using advanced Blue concepts and functionalities to further automate feedback processes (course evaluations, institutional surveys, and 360 evaluations), end to end, in order to provide a greater level of autonomy to end users and distribute reports with actionable insights to decision-makers
  • Learn how DST (Data Sync Tool), DIG (Data Integrity Gateway), BPI (Blue Portal Integrator), and Blue Connector can be used with Blue to further realize its value in your environments
  • Find solutions to challenges and opportunities that you are facing in your institutions, by discussing them with the instructor and other experienced Blue users in your BEC training cohort
  • Be part of the Blue Expert community, and have access to Blue BETA functionality in a shared sandbox environment
  • Have the access to the training server to use for one year post the BEC training camp, which gives you access to the latest Blue releases and all modules regardless of your product licenses, as well as the ability to upload your own data for testing prior to implementing these releases in your own institution

Becoming Certified

The Blue Expert Certification (BEC) training program is designed to further develop your Blue expertise and skills, by teaching you how to:

  • Implement an advanced level of end-to-end automation of your feedback processes
  • Merge cross-listed courses to enable unified report building
  • Implement dynamic report distribution to support your decision makers, as personnel changes
  • Gain greater autonomy in the use of Blue and its companion modules and products to administer any feedback process
  • Optimize your Blue implementation to best address your own institution’s needs
  • Experience how your expert knowledge and skills in using advanced Blue features and functionalities can help your institution and be a sought-after Blue Expert in your institution and by your colleagues!

Upon finishing the certification training camp, a Blue Expert Certificate is issued to you!

Fees and Terms

Registration Fees:

  • Early Bird Price: $3,450 USD (early bird cut-off dates vary based on session selection)
  • Regular Registration Price: $4,950 USD

This fee includes:

  • Pre-camp self-directed learning module and 24 hours of instructor-led training
  • Access to the Explorance LMS and to the training server to review and practice at your own pace (pre-camp and post-training)
  • 1-hour post certification session with the instructor for 6 months upon the completion of the camp
  • Blue Expert Certificate upon successful completion of the certification training
  • If participating in a face-to-face training camp: breakfast, refreshments, and lunch will be provided throughout the training, as well as a social networking dinner with other training participants

Registration Terms:

  • There are only 12 places available for each training session
  • Places are allocated on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’
  • If participating in a face-to-face training camp: travel and lodging fees are not included in the registration fee


Blue Certification Training Primary Contact:

Explorance Academy

Email: learning@explorance.com