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Online Blue Administrator Certification Training

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The Blue Administrator Certification (BAC) Training Program is the first level of Blue certification for all users who will be implementing Blue to manage feedback processes, such as course evaluations (CE), institutional surveys, and 360 reviews, in their institutions. The participants will be introduced to the basic concepts of Blue, and trained on Blue’s main features and functionalities.

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BAC Overview

The Blue Administrator Certification Training program (BAC) is the foundation of your learning path to becoming proficient with using Blue. In this modularized training program, a training participant will learn the fundamentals of Blue, in order to run a feedback process using Blue. This is the first level of Blue certification for all users who will be implementing Blue for feedback processes in their institutions.

Who Should Take BAC Training?

This Blue Administrator Certification training is for people who will implement Blue, or be a part of a Blue implementation project, to automate their feedback processes such as course evaluations, institutional surveys, and 360 reviews. They can be any of the following:+

  • Those who are to implement Blue in their institutions for the first time but have no or little knowledge of Blue yet,
  • Those who have some experience in using Blue, but have not taken any formal Blue training and want to strengthen Blue foundational knowledge, or
  • Those who wish to refresh on the latest version of Blue

Having an understanding of basic database concepts (such as data structure) and program language concepts (such as the concept of variables) is a plus.

Upon successfully completing the BAC training, a training participant will be awarded with the digital Blue Administrator certificate, which can be included in your resume and LinkedIn.

Note: If you are to implement Blue in your institution for the first time with the Explorance Professional Services (PS) team, it is highly recommended that you complete a BAC training session before the PS requirement analysis phase. The completion of this BAC training will provide you with a good basic understanding of Blue concepts and functionalities; you will be better prepared to communicate with your Explorance PS consultant(s), ask insightful questions, and participate in discussion to design a solution using Blue that satisfies the institution’s specific feedback process requirements.

Online BAC Training Subscription Delivery Modes

The online Blue Administrator Certification (BAC) Training is available via two (2) different delivery modes. During the online BAC training subscription period, training subscribers (assigned to the online BAC training seats with their unique login credentials) can take as many online sessions as needed in any of the following delivery modes.+

  • Online, Instructor-led training consisting of:
    • A 3-day Online Instructor-led Course Time Line
      • Instructor-led online classes (each day is 6 hours including breaks).
      • Slide deck and exercises (you will have access to a dedicated Blue learning sandbox to complete your exercises).
      • A final review / practice project consisting of all required elements for a complete feedback process. The Blue Administrator Certificate will be awarded upon completion of this final project.
    • There are 16 places in total on each online instructor-led session. Places are allocated on a ‘first-come, first served basis’.
    • Registration closes 1 week before training is scheduled to begin.
  • Self-directed, at your own pace, online training consisting of:
    • Approximately 10-15 Hours Cumulative Time Line
      • Following the self-directed videos, to be completed at your own pace.
      • Our experience shows that those who proactively reserve the time in their calendars to “study” over a period of 2-3 weeks tend to be more successful in completing the certification training in a self-directed mode.
    • Slide Decks and Exercises
      • You will be given access to a dedicated Blue learning sandbox with which to complete your exercises.
    • Certification Review Project
      • The final module is a review / practice project consisting of all required elements for a complete feedback process using Blue. The Blue Administrator Certificate will be awarded upon completion of this final project.

Both online instructor-led and self-directed training are composed of the following:

  • Training Materials: Designed to provide the participants’ clear grasp of the fundamental concepts of Blue and main functionalities of features in Blue. The slide deck will serve as a good reference tool for the participants to look at after the training.
  • Step-by-Step Demonstrations: The instructor will guide the training participants through step-by-step demonstrations of Blue functionalities to ensure that they familiarize themselves with these functionalities in navigating Blue.
  • Examples and Exercises: Throughout the training, the training participants will be asked to complete multiple sets of exercises providing hands-on experience with creating feedback projects (such as course evaluations, institutional surveys, and 360 reviews) and reports in Blue.

A face-to-face onsite BAC training camp can be arranged (additional fee may apply): contact

Online BAC Training Agenda

When you purchase an Online BAC training subscription, you occupy the seat that gives you unlimited access to online course evaluations, surveys and 360 training modules (meaning you can register for these modules as many times as you need/want) during the subscription period: +

When you purchase an Online BAC training subscription, you occupy the seat that gives you unlimited access to online course evaluations, surveys and 360 training modules (meaning you can register for these modules as many times as you need/want) during the subscription period:

  • Online BAC training for course evaluations: online instructor-led and self-directed at your own pace
  • Online BAC training for surveys and 360: self-directed at your own pace
Topics Covered Description
Section 1: Learning the fundamentals of Blue terminology, concepts, data preparation, configuring a simple questionnaire for a course evaluation process. The learner is introduced to some of the core concepts that underpin a feedback process: preparing the data, selecting and configuring the appropriate data structure, and building, launching and managing a feedback process.
Section 2: Learning different tools to automate a feedback process: how to import and update data in a feedback process; using the data to control the questionnaire behavior and content, and using the data to automate timed functions (such as course evaluation start dates and report distribution dates). Reporting basics: creating individual instructor reports; creating aggregate reports (such as Department- and Institution-level). The learner will gain further knowledge on using institutional data to design and control the feedback process timing and behavior. The learner will also be introduced to some of the most commonly-used report building features and functionalities to build reports visualizing the results of statistical analyses.
Section 3: Final Review. Create a complete practice project using all of the knowledge gained through the training. The learner will awarded the Blue Administrator Certificate upon the completion of all the elements required for a full feedback gathering process.


Key Benefits and Learning Outcomes

With the completion of the BAC training camp, you established a good foundation of Blue knowledge. You will be able to:+

  • Understand basic Blue functionalities and the fundamental data organization and processes:
    • Working with datasources and Blue’s project definitions.
    • Creating, publishing, and monitoring a project.
    • Copying and reusing project content.
    • Automating task processes.
    • Building, managing, and automatically distributing reports.
  • Identify ways in which Blue can be used to provide automation, autonomy, and insight into your institution feedback processes.
  • Be better prepared to communicate and discuss with Explorance staff (Professional Services and Customer Services) when implementing Blue in your institution.
  • Access Advanced BAC Modules. With the completion of the certification training, you are well equipped to get trained on advanced Blue topics. As a time-valid BAC training subscription holder, you can access the Advanced BAC modules to get trained on advanced Blue features and functionalites such as Question Personalization and Relationship Demographics. Log in to Explorance LMS to access these advanced BAC Modules.
  • Participate in the Blue Administrators Community forum (BAC to Blue Forum) to share and discuss topics with your BAC-trained colleagues to further your knowledge and proficiency with Blue, with the aim of becoming an autonomous and expert user.

By successfully completing the BAC training, you’ve accomplished the most important foundational key milestone in the first phase of your Blue learning curve journey. As you apply what you’ve learned to implement Blue in your institution, you are on the road to gain confidence in using Blue more and more. Resources like Advanced BAC modules, Explorance Professional Services, Customer Support and Online Help are available to help you gain more knowledge and confidence in using Blue.


BAC Training Session Schedules: 2020-2021

Self-Directed, At Your Own Pace: Blue Course Evaluations, Blue 360, Blue Surveys+

Start Date End Date Register
Start at any time End any time Register for self-directed training


Trainees’ roles Trainers’ roles Tips
  • Develop a learning contract with yourself, as you self-assess your self-learning style and plan time commitment
  • Monitor your learning process
  • Take initiative for all stages of the learning process — be self-motivated
  • Consult with your trainer as required.
  • Build a co-operative learning environment
  • Help to motivate and direct the trainees’ learning experience
  • Be available for learning consultations as appropriate during the learning process
  • Serve as an advisor rather than a formal instructor
  • Those who set aside a certain amount of time in advance to self-learn (such as 2-3 hours a day till the completion) tend to finish the certification training successfully.


Online Instructor-Led Sessions: Blue Course Evaluations +

(Light Blue Cells: In-person face-to-face Training Camps, Additional Fees May Apply)

Session Month AMERICAS [Eastern Timezone] APAC [Australian Eastern Timezone] EUROPE / AFRICA [British Timezone] MENA [Arabic Timezone] Session Status


Jan 14 – 16

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET) Closed

Jan 28 – 30

(10:00AM – 3:30PM British) Closed



Feb 11 – 13

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET) Closed

Feb 11 – 12

BAC Training Camp @ BN APAC 2020


Feb 25 – 27

(10:00AM – 3:30PM Arabic) Closed


MARCH 2020

Mar 17 – 19

(10:00AM – 3:30PM AE) Closed


APRIL 2020

Apr 21 – 23

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET)



MAY 2020

May 26 – 28

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET) Closed

May 12 – 14

(10:00AM – 3:30PM British) Closed


JUNE 2020

June 23 – 25

(10:00AM – 3:30PM AE) Closed

June 9 – 11

(10:00AM – 3:30PM Arabic) Closed


JULY 2020

July 7 – 9

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET)Closed

July 21 – 23

(10:00AM – 3:30PM British)



Aug 25 – 27

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET)



Sep 22 – 24

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET)

Sep 8 – 10

(10:00AM – 3:30PM AE)



Oct 20 – 22

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET)

Oct 6 – 8

(10:00AM – 3:30PM British)



Nov 3 – 5

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET)

Nov 24 – 26

(10:00AM – 3:30PM Arabic)



Jan 12 – 14

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET)



Feb 23 – 25

(11:00AM – 4:30PM ET)

Feb 2 – 4

(10:00AM – 3:30PM Arabic)


Fees & Terms

Online BAC Training Subscription (with access to Course Evaluations, Surveys, and 360)+

  • For a holder of a time-valid online BAC training subscription: no additional fee.
  • For a non-holder of a time-valid online BAC training subscription: $2,850 USD per person for one year. This fee includes a BAC training seat that provides:
    • Unlimited access to all online BAC training sessions (instructor-led and self-directed) with the access to the Explorance Academy LMS and the access to the Explorance Academy training server, during the one-year BAC training subscription period.
  • A BAC training seat is dedicated to one person during the subscription period, and can be transferred to another person, only if the BAC training seat holder leaves the institution or changes the role and thus no longer work on Blue during that period.

Note that online BAC training subscription doesn’t include onsite face-to-face BAC training camps or other advanced-level (master and/or expert) certification trainings which may require additional fee.

DIG and BTA+

  • Note: DIG and BTA training is self-directed and available only to those who have first completed the BAC training.
  • If you have not completed the BAC training, see the fees and terms of the online BAC training above.

A member of the Explorance account management team will aim to follow up with you to make sure everything is properly handled.

Make sure to be part of this engaging training opportunity!


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