The Bluenotes Community is a united community of users of Blue suite solutions in Higher Education who connect to share successes and lessons learned and discuss new ideas for innovative problem solving. The Bluenotes Community hosts annual user conferences and local chapter activities connecting the community members regardless where they are located, to advance its mission to “Connect. Share. Learn. Grow” for the community, by the community, with the community. Bluenotes conferences and meetups are open to any Blue user, aspiring to be a global exchange of ideas for feedback-based continuous improvement in student, faculty, employee experiences. Follow the Bluenotes community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and join in the conversation!

Bluenotes Community's Mission

Dear Bluenotes Community,

It’s true that amazing things can happen with the right knowledge. With this in mind, the Bluenotes Group was established to allow you to connect with and learn from other higher education institutions.

It all started in 2012 in Melbourne when RMIT called on a group of Blue Australian universities to join an Explorance seminar. The experience was a positive one. A community was established and everyone learned. The success of the event led us to transform the informal user meeting into annual face-to-face four-day global learning events that provide workshops, real-life Blue implementation success story presentations, and a sneak peak of the latest and greatest Blue.

The Bluenotes Group has now taken an online presence to connect our customers virtually so that we can all benefit from the experience and learning of others. The Bluenotes Group is your voice. It is your opportunity to meet and greet fellow Blue users, share your successes and challenges, learn more about the future of Blue, and help refine the vision of Explorance.

We welcome you to the Bluenotes Group: a united family of Blue institutions working along with Explorance for an elevated learning experience.


CEO at Explorance


Founded in 2003, Explorance supports more than 25 million people in their individual journeys of purpose, growth, and impact. As the leading provider of People Insight Solutions, Explorance empowers organizations with actionable decision-making by measuring students’ and employees’ needs, expectations, skills, knowledge, and competencies. Explorance facilitates continuous improvement and accelerates the insight-to-action cycle leading to personal growth and organizational agility. Headquartered in Montreal with business units in Chicago, Chennai, Melbourne, Amman, and London, Explorance works with 25% of the Fortune 100 and 25% of the top Higher Education institutions, including 8 of the world’s top 10 business schools. The company has clients in more than 50 countries. To learn more: www.explorance.com Learn more about the Explorance approach.

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  • What information do we collect? The set of personally identifiable information is typically contact data associated with those who are registering for upcoming Bluenotes conferences and learning activities.
  • How do we use this information? The contact data is used in the planning of Bluenotes conferences and learning activities, helping the Bluenotes community advance its mission of connecting, sharing, learning and growing. Analytics data help us understand how you use the bluenotesgroup.com, so that we can improve your user experience.

Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.