Take Your Course Evaluation Email Notifications to the Next Level

Email is the primary and most effective way to communicate with your students and faculty. A properly designed email can improve your response rate, increase transparency and improve faculty satisfaction. At Virginia Commonwealth University we combined our past experience of online evaluations with functionality available in Blue to craft awesome emails. Join us to learn: [...]

Data From Students to Students: You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

In 2012, the faculty council passed a policy allowing students access to five of the nine campus-wide common course questions asked on the Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ), Indiana University Bloomington’s name for course evaluations. This spring, in time for students to create their semester schedule, the OCQ Student Dashboard was released and students for the [...]

Assessments in Support of Teaching & Learning: The SFU Experience

Simon Fraser University has been engaged in a multi-year process to replace its outdated student evaluation of teaching and courses with an updated system that reflects new understanding from educational research. This ambitious initiative is squarely aimed at supporting teaching and enhancing student learning. The session will cover an overview of the journey so far, [...]

Guidelines for Ensuring a Smooth Course Evaluation Implementation at a Large University

The University of Minnesota started using eXplorance Blue in Fall 2013 with one college and rolled its use out to much of the rest of the undergraduate population in spring term 2014 for its main Twin Cities campus. This session will focus on course evaluation implementation issues and strategies from the perspective of the university. [...]

Making the Most of Module Evaluation for Curriculum Enhancement at LJMU

Liverpool John Moores University is committed to ensuring that the students receive the highest quality learning experience, and student opinion of their academic programmes is highly valued by the institution. The University has a range of formal and informal mechanisms for obtaining student feedback of which module evaluation is a crucial component. The module evaluation [...]

Caso de éxito. Aplicación práctica del módulo de evaluación docente en IE Business School e IE University (Spanish Language Presentation)

Cómo IE utiliza Blue en sus evaluaciones de profesores y encuestas generales de satisfacción en su universidad y escuela negocios. Incluyendo: -Objetivos -Requisitos -Puesta en producción -Resultados. Watch the video presentation.  

In Just a Few Clicks of the Mouse! Automate and Save Valuable Time with Blue

Do you set up a course evaluation survey for each part of term, every term, every time? The Alamo Colleges District is comprised of 5 Colleges with 9 different parts of term, all surveying at the same time. The impact would have been 45 survey instances, until we were able to configure and structure the [...]

Northwestern University’s Experience – Managing a Transition to Blue by Streamlining User Experience with Blue APIs, While Delivering Existing Report-Sharing Experience

One of the key challenges when adopting a new technology or a new system is change management. Northwestern University had a long history of sharing course evaluation results with various stakeholders – students, faculties, and administrations. Thus, keeping the existing reports sharing experience with students, faculties, and administrations was identified as a key success factor [...]

You’ve Got Data! Now What?

Congrats! You finished implementing Blue at your institution, and the course evaluation projects are live. Student feedback data is coming in…but what do you do with it? Who do you send it to? How do you store it? How do you make meaningful reports based on the data you collected? This webinar will show how [...]

Building Intelligence in Your Feedback Process

In this webinar, we will show you how you can streamline your questionnaires using functionalities in Blue such as question branching, demographic and response piping in projects and reports, extension blocks. These tools can make your feedback process dynamically customizable while enhancing your reporting insight. Time: Three sessions are scheduled for bluenotes community members in different [...]

“DIG for Victory” and “Make Do and Mend”

At Loughborough we use a network of Feedback Administrators across the University who do the groundwork for Module Feedback with a little DIGing; helping to sow the seeds for Module Feedback in the different Schools across campus and making the Module Feedback set-up process victorious. We will discuss why the DIG (Data Integrity Gateway) is [...]

Quantifying the Effect of the Learning Experience on…Learning

Can course evaluation results tell us anything about student learning? Sheridan has created a robust multivariate model that allows us to objectively measure (isolate) the extent to which a high-quality learning experience differentially impacts learning in subsequent courses (vs. lower-quality learning experiences). The effect is significant and meaningful; independent of grades (and several other variables), [...]

Just Don’t Call It “Blue” and Other Important Lessons From The Ohio State University’s Implementation Journey

What could be challenging about implementing one survey for an entire campus? One that must be available on the university’s own mobile app. With emails that conform to strict branding standards. And have optional comments. Plus reports for seemingly random people. Just for fun let’s go live during summer when there are 8 different sessions. [...]

Insights: Questions and Ideas from the Bluenotes Community

Our Bluenotes community members are getting engaged more and more in the online forums, asking questions to better use Blue features and functionalities and discussing ideas to improve Blue. We, at Explorance, appreciate the opportunities to learn from questions and suggestions for improvement. In this webinar, we will share the questions and suggestions being discussed, [...]

Automatically Update Demographic Information in Live Projects

Automatically updating demographic information in live projects is the eagerly anticipated functionality that allows specific course and student demographic data to be updated daily after the project has been published. Increasingly, institutions are launching course evaluation projects at the beginning of the term which allows them to capture feedback for shorter term and online courses. [...]

Impersonation and More – Presenting Enhancements in the Newest Blue 7

Enhanced Blue 7 is coming to Blue bringing improvements to your reporting capabilities and other features. Among them: The new impersonation feature allows project administrators to log into Blue as any user to view their dashboard, tasks, and reports as they would see them. Virtual questions and cross category blocks can be used with Question [...]

360 Reports: Harnessing the Power of Story Telling

Institutions can present 360 feedback in an efficient story telling manner so that it becomes a mechanism that drives meaningful change. Every type of project possesses its own narrative, and 360-reports can be set up in numerous ways to effectively convey a desired narrative. Throughout this webinar we will cover real-world examples of reporting structures [...]

A Guide to Leveraging Blue Features to Increase Engagement

For all the benefits of administering Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) online, transitioning to a new system can see response rates fall, instructors alienated, and administrators frustrated. Blue provides institutions a variety of tools that can be leveraged to help faculty participate, impress the end-users, and increase engagement overall. These principles include: managing first impressions, [...]

How to Use Blue Instructor Feedback Dashboard (IFD) to Empower Instructors

The Blue Instructor Feedback Dashboard (IFD) empowers instructors to explore and analyze their collective results from annual course evaluations so that they can identify opportunities for improvement. In this webinar, we will show the capabilities of the IFD including the recent updates added in IFD 1.2. Time: Three sessions are scheduled for bluenotes community members [...]

Blue 7.15 Release Q&A

Blue 7.15 is available as of April 6. What’s new in Blue 7.15? In this webinar, we will go over the key new features and enhancements included in Blue 7.15. And the webinar will be open to you for Q&A. Join the webinar to learn and discuss how these new features and enhancements can help [...]