Northwestern University’s Experience – Managing a Transition to Blue by Streamlining User Experience with Blue APIs, While Delivering Existing Report-Sharing Experience

One of the key challenges when adopting a new technology or a new system is change management. Northwestern University had a long history of sharing course evaluation results with various stakeholders – students, faculties, and administrations. Thus, keeping the existing reports sharing experience with students, faculties, and administrations was identified as a key success factor [...]

Blue 7.16 Release Q&A Learning Webinar

Blue 7.16 is available as of June 16. What’s new in Blue 7.16? In this webinar, we will go over the key new features and enhancements included in Blue 7.16. And the webinar will be open to you for Q&A. Join the webinar to learn and discuss how these new features and enhancements can help [...]

Two Roles, One Class: How to Rate a Secondary Subject Twice in One Form

The Instructor Role and triggers were setup for team-taught courses with multiple instructor roles in the same course. While those tools are powerful, our situation required specific questions for roles and, for an individual serving in multiple roles in the same course, those questions needed to be available “twice” in the questionnaire. Additionally, while one [...]

How SUTD Reached a 95%+ Response Rate on their Course and Instructor Evaluations in 6 Months

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) tried to increase the response rate of their Course and Instructor Evaluations over several years with limited success. In this Webinar, SUTD will share how their innovative usage of Blue and University Policies resulted in a 97% response rate in 2020. Time: May 19, 4:00pm Singapore Timezone Presenters: Magnus [...]