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Blue Administrator Training and Certification

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The Blue Administrator Certification (BAC) Training Program is the first level of certification for all users who will be administrating any feedback process with Blue. The participants will be introduced to the main concepts of Blue, and trained on the main features and functionalities that they will need to administer their feedback processes.

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BAC Training Overview

The Blue Administrator Training and Certification is available via 2 different delivery modes:

  • Instructor Led, online training consisting of:
    • 1 week course time line
      • of 5 days of instructor-led online classes (each day is 6 hours including breaks)
      • Slide decks and exercises – complete exercises on a dedicated Blue learning sandbox
    • Certification exam – take one week to complete the certification exam
    • Certification exam review session – one-on-one with the instructor, as appropriate
  • Self-directed, at your own pace, online training consisting of:
    • the participant follows the self-directed videos at their own pace (approx 10-15 hours)
    • slide decks and exercises – the participant completes exercises on a dedicated Blue learning sandbox
    • Certification exam – take one week to complete the certification exam
    • Certification exam review session – one-on-one with the instructor, as appropriate

Both Instructor-led and Self-directed training are composed of the following:

  • Training Materials Designed to provide the participants’ clear grasp of the fundamental concepts of Blue and main functionalities of Blue’s features. The presentations will serve as a good revision tool for the participants after the training.
  • Step-by-step Demonstrations The instructor will guide the participants through step-by-step demonstrations of Blue’s functionalities to ensure they are fully familiar and autonomous in navigating Blue.
  • Examples and Exercises Throughout the training, the participants will be asked to complete multiple sets of exercises providing hands-on experience with creating full evaluations and reports in Blue.

There are 25 places in total on each session (except for self-directed online training at your own pace). Places are allocated on a ‘first-come, first served basis’. Registration closes 1 week before training is scheduled to begin.

Key Benefits and Learning Outcomes

At the end of the full BAC training program, a training participant will be able to:

  • Learn basic Blue fundamental concepts, terminologies, and basic functionality to build and manage standard feedback processes using Blue
  • Identify ways in which Blue can be used to provide automation, autonomy, and insight into their organization’s feedback processes
  • Use Blue to build, manage, and automatically distribute insightful reports using:
    • Frequency analysis
    • Normative and Comparative analysis
    • Breakdown analysis
    • Presentation of Qualitative Data

BAC Training Schedule – 2018/2019

Instructor Led

Session Month Americas friendly Timezone (EST/EDT) APAC friendly Timezone (AEST/AEDT) Europe friendly Timezone (GMT) Middle East friendly Timezone (AST) Status
Jan Jan 15 (11:00 EST) – Jan 19 (17:00 EST), 2018 Register
Feb Feb 5 (10:00 EST) – Feb 9 (16:00 EST), 2018 Register
Feb Feb 25 (10:00 AST) – Mar 1 (16:00 AST), 2018 Register
Mar Mar 19 (11:00 EDT) – Mar 23 (17:00 EDT), 2018 Register
Apr Apr 9 (10:00 GMT) – Apr 13 (16:00 GMT), 2018 Register
Apr Apr 23 (11:00 EDT) – Apr 27 (17:00 EDT), 2018 Register
May May 14 (9:00 AEST) – May 18 (15:00 AEST), 2018 Register
May May 28 (11:00 EDT) – Jun 1 (17:00 EDT), 2018 Register
Jun Jun 18 (9:00 AEST)- Jun 22 (15:00 AEST), 2018 Register
Jul Jul 9 (11:00 EDT) – Jul 13 (17:00 EDT), 2018 Register
Aug Aug 13 (10:00 GMT) – Aug 17 (16:00 GMT), 2018 Register
Aug Aug 27 (11:00 EDT) – Aug 31 (17:00 EDT), 2018 Register
Sep Sep 10 (9:00 AEST) – Sep 14 (15:00 AEST), 2018 Register
Sep Sep 24 (11:00 EDT) – Sep 28 (EDT), 2018 Register
Oct Oct 7 (10:00 AST) – Oct 11 (16:00 AST), 2018 Register
Oct Oct 22 (11:00 EDT) – Oct 26 (17:00 EDT), 2018 Register
Dec Dec 4 (9:00 AEDT) – Dec 8 (15:00 AEDT), 2018 Register
Jan Jan 15 (11:00 EST) – Jan 19 (17:00 EST), 2019 Register
Feb Feb 5 (10:00 GMT) – Feb 9 (16:00 GMT), 2019 Register
Feb Feb 26 (11:00 EST) – Mar 2 (17:00 EST), 2019 Register

Self Directed, at your own pace

Start End Status
Any time Any time Register

BAC Agenda and Module Details

Instructor-led Schedule Modules Covered Description
Day 1

Module 1: Fundamentals of Feedback Gathering with Blue

Module 2: Implement and Report on Simplified Surveys

Module 3: Introduction to Using Institutional Data to Implement and Report on Feedback Gathering

The learner is introduced to some of the core concepts that underpin the feedback gathering processes, simple reporting options, and how institutional data can be used to drive feedback gathering and reporting.
Day 2 Module 4: Implement, Support and Report on Subject Based Feedback Process – Single Subject Type

Module 5: Implement, Support and Report on Subject Based Feedback Process – Multiple Subject Types

The learner will gain further knowledge on using institutional data in subject-based feedback and reporting processes, along with the features in Blue that support such evaluations and their reports.
Day 3 Module 6: Extending Subject-Based Feedback Process to Multi-Rater Context

Module 7: Extending Multiple-Subject Type Feedback Process to include Multiple Secondary Subjects

The learner will extend their knowledge on subject based feedback processes in the context of multi-rater (360) and multi-subject (course and instructor) evaluations, and reporting and analysis techniques that can be used to derive insight from such feedback processes.
Day 4 Module 8: Extending Autonomy to End-User Stakeholders in a Multiple-Subject Type Feedback Process

Module 9: Deriving Further Insight from Feedback Gathering Processes

The learner is introduced to concepts and features in Blue that will enable greater autonomy for end users, along with more advanced features and techniques that will enable them to derive greater insight from the collected results.
Day 5 Module 10: Review In this final module, the learner will put their learning into practice.

BAC Certification Exam

Who should take the Blue Administrator Certification exam?

  • The exam is designed for those who complete all 10 modules of the BAC training, and will test the learner’s knowledge and understanding of how to configure a project and reports in Blue.

Exam Components and Grading:

  • Knowledge and Comprehension (40%) This portion of the exam is composed of 25 multiple choice questions (20%) that cover the main concepts and features of Blue as well as 4 short written questions (20%).
  • Practical Application (60%) The participants will be asked to create a set of projects and reports based on given requirements based on what was covered in the training sessions. Participants will be provided access to a Blue Examination Sandbox.
  • Overall Grade The overall grade is composed of 40% Knowledge and Comprehension and 60% Practical Application.
  • Certification Requirements Participants will receive certification if they achieve a 70% grade overall, and having scored at least 70% in each component (comprehension and practical).

Exam Timing:

  • It is recommended to take the exam within 1-3 weeks of completing the training, ensuring you have enough time to review the material and practice. However, it is possible to take the exam anytime within one year of registering for the BAC training at the convenience of the participant.
  • Participants are given up to 2 weeks to complete all portions of the exam. The exam is done at your own pace, and extensions can be given when requested.

Fees & Terms

BAC Training (Evaluation, Survey, and/or 360)

  • For a holder of time-valid remote web-based training, Blue Passport, or Blue Passport Plus subscriptions: no additional fee.
  • For a non-holder of time-valid remote web-based training, Blue Passport, or Blue Passport Plus subscriptions: $2,850 USD per person. This fee includes:
    • Access to all BAC sessions within one year from the date of the participant’s registration free of charge.
    • Access to a Blue training sandbox for one year from their session start date.
  • Note: Blue 360 training is self-directed and available only to those who have first completed relevant portions of the BAC training.


  • Note: DIG and BTA training is self-directed and available only to those who have first completed the full BAC training.

A member of the eXplorance account management team will aim to follow up with you to make sure everything is properly handled.

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Event Organizer Primary Contact:

Stacey Martini

Telephone: +1 403-651-0412