Feedback Analysis with the Blue Dashboard

The Blue Dashboard (BD) supports data-driven decision making at every level of the organization, with flexible data management rules to distribute the right content to the right audience. Join this webinar to learn how stakeholders in every area of the organization can safely explore and make data-driven decisions in one feedback friendly environment. This webinar [...]

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting – How to Identify and Prevent Common Issues in Blue

Why aren’t my emails going out? Why aren’t students able to access the evaluation forms? Why is the wrong teacher being evaluated? Why are my report viewers all wrong? How do I get Dynamic Report Access to work? In this webinar, we will showed you how to verify, check, and test your data to prevent [...]

Preparing your Data to Take Advantage of Relationship Demographics in Blue

View this webinar recording to learn how to work with relationship demographics to provide more flexibility and control over the course evaluation and reporting processes. Utilizing additional data fields will offer you more options for setting triggers, different types of filters, and other conditional rules. As a result, students can select whom or what to [...]