Beyond Course Evaluations: Matching Feedback Needs to Blue Project Types

Are you getting comfortable with Blue? Are you wondering if you can use Blue to manage other feedback projects, but just aren't sure where to start? This is the webinar for you! In this interactive webinar, we will review the project types and how they work. Then, we'll explore unique scenarios and imagine ways to [...]

Bluenotes Central Great Lakes Chapter Meetup

Bluenotes Central Great Lakes Chapter members are meeting on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 @ 1pm EDT. At this meetup, chapter members will: Hear from Lisa Emery who will share her approach to presenting response results to other stakeholders at the University of Michigan Hear from Allison Scheffel about faculty evaluations of students at Northwoods Technical [...]

Bluenotes Community April Meetup to Discuss Guidelines for Instructors in Interpreting and Reporting Results

Over the past few years, Bluenotes Community members have identified the need for consistent recommendations and guidelines to help instructors interpret evaluation/assessment data to effectively inform teaching and course planning. A group of thought-leading practitioners in the Bluenotes Reporting & Analytics Community have collaborated to build a document of guidelines which centers around a common [...]

Bluenotes Allegheny Chapter Meetup

Members in the Bluenotes Allegheny (BNA) Chapter are meeting to continue local connection and learning on Wednesday, April 6 @ 2pm EDT. At this meetup, chapter members will share and discuss:: A presentation by Umar Mushtaq, Explorance: Unleash Insights with Blue Dashboard See how Explorance’s self-service Blue Dashboard analytics tool can provide actionable insights and support [...]

Wading Through Words: Finding Insights in Qualitative Data with BlueML

Responses to open ended questions are rich in feedback, but the sheer volume makes it difficult to derive meaningful conclusions. This webinar recording shows how to ask questions of your data, such as what students most appreciate about their instructors, or students’ views on course changes to improve their learning experience, and how those may [...]

The Paradox of Course Evaluations (and How to Solve It) – Insight from the Stockholm School of Economics

Student feedback surveys are an important tool that should support teachers in the development of pedagogical skills and course delivery. They should motivate teachers to keep improving and help identify the measures that would help students to learn even more effectively. Yet, the feedback often ends up being used primarily by management when deciding on which [...]