Data to Insights – Part 2: How Washburn School of Nursing (SON) Transforms Data into Actionable Insights for Purposeful Improvements

You’ve collected your feedback data; now how do you turn it into actionable insights to improve the student learning experience, teaching effectiveness, and operational efficiencies? Join this webinar (part 2 of 2) to learn how Washburn SON makes sense of data from various sources (SIS, LMS, Blue, etc.) in Blue Dashboard and data warehouse in [...]

Data to Insights – Part 1: How Washburn School of Nursing (SON) Draws on the Power of Blue to Collect (“Project Set-ups”) and Report on Data (“Report Set-ups”) for Actionable Insights

Join this webinar (part 1 of 2) to learn how Washburn SON draws on the power of Blue with various project set-ups for a wide range of evaluations (such as end-of-term courses, end-of-program, peer-to-peer, agency-preceptor, and faculty workshop evaluations) to provide a more holistic view of student and faculty feedback for actionable insights. Washburn SON [...]

[Bluenotes Midterm Surveys: December Meetup] Sharing and Discussing Implementations, Processes, and Practices

Members of the Bluenotes Midterm Surveys Community are meeting on December 7, 2022 to continue discussions on topics such as the technical aspects of using Blue for midterm surveys, best practices for using formative feedback, reporting options, and resource development for faculty and students. Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2022 Time: 2pm Eastern Time Co-Chairs: [...]