Data Journey with Blue (Episode 1 of 3): Preparing the Data

In Episode 1 of this 3-part learning webinar series, we will share with you tips for the first step in your data journey with Blue - preparing the data. Join this webinar to learn answers to key questions that are important in preparing the data, such as: How do I connect to Blue (Manual, Direct [...]

Blue Dashboard 4.0 Release Webinar: A Guided Tour of the New User Experience

The Blue Dashboard 4.0 release brings a totally new and exciting look to the user experience. Join us for a webinar that shows off and walks through the new interface. Little has changed in the administration interface for Blue Administrators, but a few changes of note will be presented. Date: Thursday, May 11, 2023 Time: [...]

Response Rate Optimization: Engaging Faculty and Students to Improve Response Rates

Given the importance of response rates in the validity of course evaluation results, institutions work hard for response rate optimization. And various research findings indicate that engagement of faculty and students are critical components in achieving higher response rates. In this webinar, we will show you various Blue features and functionalities used by institutions to [...]

Unlocking the Complexity of Student Evaluations in Medical Schools

Obtaining student feedback for medical and health sciences is critical and differs from other university programs due to specific scenarios such as different starting dates, block rotations, and multiple instructors. Student feedback gathering in medical and health schools faces a variety of challenges, including data accuracy and preparation, leveraging multiple data [...]

Bluenotes Atlantic Hurricanes Chapter: June Meetup

Members in the Bluenotes Atlantic Hurricanes Chapter (Blue-using institutions in the Mid/South Atlantic region of the US) are meeting on Thursday, June 22, 2023 @ 2pm EDT to connect together and continue discussions on topics relevant to the Mid and South Atlantic region. To gather information prior to the meetup to inform discussion, chapter [...]