Uncovering Valuable Insights from Qualitative Feedback with MLY – Practical Hands-on Tips and Recommended Practices

Join this learning webinar where we'll explore actionable strategies for getting the most out of MLY to uncover valuable insights from qualitative feedback for hidden strengths and areas for improvement. We will share advice on setting effective alert thresholds with the factors to consider and interpreting alert insights. We will also share newly added [...]

Bluenotes R1 Universities CoP Meetup: May 16

Members in the Bluenotes R1 Universities Community of Practice (Blue-using R1 universities in the United States) are meeting on Thursday, May 16, 2024 @ 1pm ET to reconnect virtually and continue discussions on current topics, catch up and share experiences, and problem-solving together, discussing topics such as transitioning to Blue 9 and current projects [...]

Bluenotes Western Canada CoP Meetup: April 25

Members in the Bluenotes Western Canada Community of Practice (Blue-using institutions in Western Canada) are meeting on Thursday, April  25, 2024 @ 1pm ET / 10am PT to connect together and continue discussions on topics relevant to the Western Canada region. Feel free to continue discussions and asking questions on the Bluenotes Western Canada community [...]

Feedback Culture: Mitigating Implicit Bias in Course Evaluations

Explore the hidden dimensions of bias in course evaluations with panelist from Northwestern University, The Ohio State University, and the University of Texas at Austin. This engaging panel discussion aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on mitigating bias to foster more effective student feedback on teaching and learning in higher education. Don’t miss the [...]

Bluenotes U15 Community of Practice Meetup: May 9

Members in the Bluenotes U15 Community of Practice (community members that are a part of the U15 Consortium - a group of Canadian Research Universities) are meeting on Thursday, May 9, 2024 @ 1pm ET to connect, share experiences, and continue discussions from the November 2023 meetup. Take a look at the November 22 [...]

Bluenotes Reporting & Analytics CoP Meetup: March 21

Bluenotes Community members are meeting for the Reporting & Analytics Community of Practice (CoP) meetup on Thursday, March 21 @ 1pm ET. More and more institutions are facing new reporting use cases due mainly to change in reporting needs. Let's start sharing and problem-solving any new reporting use cases that you may have difficulty [...]