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Blue Administrator Certification Training Camp at Bluenotes APAC 2019

pin-markerIn-person Training CampcalendarFebruary 12-13, 2019

This Blue Administrator Certification (BAC) camp is an in-person training program, specially designed to provide you with hands-on experience in a small group setting with a Blue expert instructor. BAC training is essential for a sound foundation in your learning path towards becoming Blue proficient. This training session has been planned in conjunction with the Bluenotes APAC 2019 Conference to elevate your learning experience.

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Blue Administrator Certification (BAC) Training Camp Overview

The Blue Administrator Certification (BAC) training camp at the Bluenotes APAC 2019 conference is a part of a specially designed instructor-led, face-to-face BAC training program. It is to be delivered in a blended format where face-to-face, hands-on training at the certification camp is combined with pre-camp self-directed learning activities. At the end of this hands-on BAC training camp, the camp participant will be at the certified Blue Administrator level, thus given the Blue Administrator Certification.

For more information about the BAC training structure and agenda, please refer to the BAC Training Camp Agenda @ BN APAC 2019.

Who Should Attend?

This program is for people who will implement Blue, or be a part of a Blue implementation project, to automate their feedback processes such as course evaluations, institutional surveys, and 360 reviews. They can be any of the following:

  • Those who are to implement Blue in their institutions for the first time but have no or little knowledge of Blue yet
  • Those who have some experience in using Blue but have not taken any formal Blue training
  • Those who wish to re-skill on the latest version of Blue

Having an understanding of basic database concepts (such as data structure) and program language concepts (such as the concept of variables) is a plus.

BAC Training Camp Structure

To elevate your learning experience, this specially designed instructor-led training camp will be structured as follows:

  • Self-learning before the camp: This self-directed online introduction to Blue consists of 1 days’ worth of material that you can finish at your own pace. This self-directed learning is to familiarize yourself with Blue concepts, terms and features, along with practice exercises to introduce you to creating course evaluations in Blue. This session must be completed prior to the 2-day face-to-face camp, to ensure that you will be ready to fully participate in and complete the training camp with Blue Administrator Certification.
  • Camp: A 2-day instructor-led camp that offers the hands-on participation and training required to be certified a Blue Administrator, and thus you will receive your Blue Administrator Certification at the end of the camp.

Key Benefits and Learning Outcomes

With the completion of the BAC training camp, you established a good foundation of Blue knowledge. You will be able to:

  • Understand basic Blue functionalities and the fundamental data organization and processes so that you can implement projects in Blue, including:
    • Working with datasources and Blue’s project definitions.
    • Creating, publishing, and monitoring a project.
    • Copying and reusing project content.
    • Automating task processes.
    • Building, managing, and automatically distributing reports.
  • Identify ways in which Blue can be used to provide automation, autonomy, and insight into your insititution’s feedback processes.
  • Be better prepared to communicate and discuss with Explorance staff (Professional Services and Customer Services) when implementing Blue in your institution.
  • Participate in the Blue Administrators Community forum (BAC to Blue Forum) to share and discuss topics with your BAC-trained colleagues to further your knowledge and proficiency with Blue, with the aim of becoming an autonomous and expert user.

By successfully completing the BAC training, you’ve accomplished the most important foundational key milestone in the first phase of your Blue learning curve journey. As you apply what you’ve learned to implement Blue in your institution, you are on the road to gain confidence in using Blue more and more. Resources like Explorance Professional Services, Customer Support and Online Help are available to help you gain more knowledge and confidence in using Blue.

Dates and Location


Tuesday, February 12, 2019 through Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Bluenotes APAC 2019 Conference

Monash University,

Melbourne, AUS

Caulfield Campus,Training Room: TBD

Camp Agenda

The Blue Administrator Certification training camp agenda is available here.

Fees and Terms

BAC Training Camp Registration Fee:

  • Explorance customer without a time-valid online BAC training subscription: $2,850 USD per participant
  • Explorance customer with a time-valid online BAC training subscription: $1,425 USD per participant
  • Non- Explorance customer: $4,275 USD per participant

This fee includes:

  • One face-to-face BAC training camp (2 days)
  • Pre-camp self-directed online learning at your own pace (your access to the training server will be provided within a week prior to the BAC camp)

Training Registration Terms:

  • Places are allocated on a “first-come, first-served basis”
  • Training registration closes on January 31, 2019
  • Travel and lodging fees are not included in the training registration fee

For more information about the BAC training camp @ BN APAC 2019, contact the Explorance Learning Team (learning@explorance.com) or Stacey Martini (smartini@explorance.com).


Event Organizer Primary Contact:

Stacey Martini

Telephone: +1 403-651-0412

Email: smartini@explorance.com