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Blue Certification Camp

pin-marker1470, rue Peel, suite 200calendarFeb 22nd - Feb 25th

The Bluenotes Americas edition of Blue Certification Camp is a specialized on-site training with the highest instructor to trainee ratio to date.

Event Details

Blue Certification Camp to become a certified Blue eXpert

3.5 Day Instructor-led Training Workshop

eXplorance Head Quarters 1470, rue Peel, suite 200, Montreal QC, Canada


Monday, February 22nd through Thursday, February 25th


eXplorance Head Office
Montreal, Quebec

Why Should I Attend?

  • Prepare to become a certified Blue Expert by gaining new knowledge and skills.
  • Learn how to plan, execute, and maintain various types of Blue evaluations, surveys, and assessments.
  • Master Blue’s advanced features and functionality and apply your knowledge to real-world applications.
  • Connect with other users and share knowledge, experience, and best practices.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals who have been through initial Blue training and are able to successfully implement projects and reports for their institution. Blue Expert Certification Camp is designed to take these users to a higher level of expertise.

Topics Covered

  • Data Structures: advanced relationship and vertical datasources that automate access and institution role assignments.
  • Projects: managing large and dynamic questionnaires, advanced controls of evaluation windows, and task management.
  • Reports: merging and comparing results of subjects and projects, summary and breakdown report blocks, threshold controls, and dashboards.
  • Modules: Blue Portal Integrator, Blue Text Analytics, Data Integrity Gateway and API’s.

Becoming Certified

  • Implement further automation in your feedback processes
  • Develop and deliver richer reports to support your decision makers
  • Gain greater autonomy in the use of Blue to administer any feedback process

Following the bootcamp, you will absorb and put into practice your new knowledge in a dedicated sandbox environment. Complete the exercises in the exercise guide at your own pace before you take the online certification exam. The exam will test both your theoretical and practical knowledge of Blue through a multiple choice questionnaire and practical examples that demonstrate your newly developed expertise. Our team will then meet with you to review your results before your certificate is issued.

Typical timeline to certification:

  • Time in between session has been extended from 5 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Presenters will have a chance to be recognized as the award winning “Best Presentation” or “Best New Presenter” of the conference
  • More conference sessions will be dedicated to Bluepulse, evalUT, Data Integrity Gateway (DIG), Blue Surveys and Blue 360
  • Blue certified users will be panelists on the “Ask an eXpert” panel discussion to answer questions submitted by attendees
  • An electronic bulletin board will be available for use by all attendees to facilitate networking opportunities

Event Organizer Primary Contact:

Stacey Martini

Telephone: 502-852-3385

Email: smartini@explorance.com