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Bluenotes Community Regional Workshop @ CIRPA 2018

pin-markerpin-marker The Sheraton Suites Eau Claire Hotel | Calgary, AB calendarpin-marker Sunday, October 21, 2018 | 1PM – 4PM


The next Bluenotes Community Regional Workshop will take place at the CIRPA 2018 conference in Calgary, Alberta this fall. The workshop will focus on end-to-end automation of your feedback process using Blue: from data preparation to insights.

Attendance for the Bluenotes Community Regional Workshop is free of charge for those registered for the CIRPA conference. Register your attendance with CIRPA, and let us know by clicking the link below that you would like to join the pre-conference workshop as well.

*Workshop registration closes Friday, October 12, 2018

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Sponsored by Explorance

Workshop Details

End-to-End Automation of your Feedback Process Using Blue: From Data Preparation to Insights

Feedback data is an important source for institutions looking to improve their teaching and learning experience. Gathering course, instructor, and student data from various systems, making feedback surveys (such as course evaluations) available to students and other survey recipients at the right time, and producing reports with meaningful insights for all levels of the institution can be streamlined with Blue’s automation features. The key benefit of such automation is a shortened cycle time from the data preparation to report availability for fact-based decision making.  Participants in the workshop will use automation features and build reports that include qualitative and quantitative analysis for stakeholders at various levels.

You will also get hands-on experience with the reporting features in the latest version of Blue, as well as other Blue companion products such as the new Instructor Feedback Dashboard, Bluepulse, and BlueX that can facilitate “the right combination of data and analysis to make your data sing.”

This workshop will be instructed by:

Krimo Bouaou, Director Learning Center, Explorance

The CIRPA conference website is available here. Conference registration is now open.


Sunday, October 21, 2018


The Sheraton Suites Eau Claire Hotel, Calgary AB

Workshop Fee

The Bluenotes Community Regional Workshop (CIRPA pre-conference event) is free of charge for those attending CIRPA. You must register for CIRPA to attend this event. Visit www.cirpa-acpri.ca for full CIRPA conference details and registration.

Make sure to be part of this engaging training opportunity!

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Workshop Time

Half-day workshop:

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

CIRPA 2018

CIRPA registration is now open. Visit www.cirpa-acpri.ca for details.

Bluenotes Community Regional Workshop Primary Contact:

Stacey Martini

Telephone: +1 403-651-0412

Email: smartini@explorance.com