(BNE 2022) A Journey From a Blank Sheet to a New Evaluation Culture, Copenhagen Business School

(BNE 2022) Supporting Staff to Make Sense of Student Module Evaluation, University of Strathclyde

(BNE 2022) Explorance Product Vision, Explorance

(BNE 2022) International Keynote: Making Connections, The Ohio State University

(BNE 2022) Joy & Happiness, or Anger & Disgust: Getting Intimate with BlueML, Birkbeck University of London

(BNE 2022) “A significant improvement”: Using Blue to Support Enhancement and Closing the Loop Activities, University of Worcester

(BNE 2022) Increasing Response Rates at SSE, Stockholm School of Economics

(BNE 2022) Blue Value Assessment, Explorance

(BNE 2022) The Pros and Cons of Using Secondary Subject Selection, Durham University

(BNE 2022) For Your Eyes Only, University of St Gallen

(BNE 2022) Disproportionate Results: How Small Changes are Leading to Big Gains, Northumbria University

(BNE 2022) CEO Update: From Insight to Action, The Road Ahead, Explorance

(BNE 2022) Keynote: Enhancing and Supporting the Student Experience: Student Voice, a Scottish Accent and a Strathclyde Perspective, University of Strathclyde

(BNG 2021 VX) Panel: Discussing and Addressing Bias in Course Evaluations, University of Toronto, University of Florida, & Oregon Health and Science University

Bias is a common concern about course evaluations, frequently brought up by faculty, and often reported in the popular academic press. As those responsible for course evaluations, it is important to consider how we navigate this topic at our institutions. In this session, we share our experiences and insights regarding 1) the state of the [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Leverage Blue to Support All of Your Student Experience Surveys, Explorance

Insight depends on reliable and accurate data that covers the subject being analyzed from multiple touch points. In this session, we explore how you can leverage Blue to gather data about all of students’ experiences and use it to extract rich insight for the different stakeholders.

(BNG 2021 VX) Explorance Consulting Insights: Scale Blue Outside the Classroom and into Employee Experience, Explorance

While one way to use Blue is measuring the student experience in classrooms, there is so much more Blue can do outside the classroom for faculty, staff, and administrators. Faculty and staff, welcoming students to your institutions, are advisors and mentors. They are key to your students’ ongoing success. Providing a great employee experience inspires [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) The Age of Continuous Connection, Explorance

With the rise of mixed in-person, remote, and hybrid courses, see how you can gather the insights you need to shape the learning experience with Bluepulse.

(BNG 2021 VX) FRG: Understanding Course Characteristics and Response Rates: A Path to Improving Courses and Use of Course Evaluation Results, University of Minnesota

The purpose of our research is to 1) provide senior administrators with insights to inform ongoing improvements based on student evaluation of teaching results and; 2) lay the foundation for wider research into whether (and how) bias may influence student evaluation of teaching results. Our focus is course characteristics and their impact on response rates, [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) Machine Learning Solution for deeper Student Experience Insights, Explorance

Higher Education institutions continue to face ever increasing challenges in attracting, onboarding, and graduating students along their overall journey of self-discovery and learning. The voice of student is becoming increasingly important, and an integral part of the story of success that institutions need to tell. Fortunately, students are expressing themselves more than ever, but more [...]

(BNG 2021 VX) “Blue Question Bank or No Blue Question Bank?” A case study: The UMGC Capstone Surveys, University of Maryland Global Campus

We at UMGC can ascertain the students’ level of satisfaction in each class taught in any given term. We run a course evaluation survey in every class at the end of each term about the student experience with the instructor, the course design, and the course objectives in the class. These measures however are at [...]