How To Leverage Relationship Demographics To Power Your Evaluation And Reporting Access

Learn how you can use relational demographics to handle complex questionnaire logic and filter the subjects and members in your projects accordingly. This learning webinar is scheduled to be delivered three times for our community members in different time zones worldwide. Register in a time zone that best fits your schedule.   Presenter: Mohammed Sheraidah, [...]

Unpacking the Complexity of Dynamic Evaluations of Health Science Clinical Rotations: Tufts University’s Experience

Tufts University has several health sciences schools with a need for efficient and dynamic evaluation of the instructors and content of their clinical rotations across time periods and teaching sites. This sounds more complicated than it really is. This community-led webinar will present how Tufts is able to accomplish the tasks associated with dynamic evaluations [...]

Blue Implementation in a Decentralized Environment: The Case of UNC-Chapel Hill

One eXplorance executive described the Blue implementation at the University of North Carolina as the most complex implementation the company has done. Administrators from UNC Chapel Hill will use this webinar to describe the complex nature of course evaluations at UNC-Chapel Hill and the challenges they faced, and mostly overcame, in the hopes of helping [...]