Maintaining a High Response Rate for Course Evaluation While Assuring the Feedback Reliability: The Case of USEK

In 2011, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik has implemented the online course evaluation using Blue by Explorance. As a strategy for achieving the highest possible response rate, a special hold linked to the final-grades view was employed. A valid question raised is how reliable these evaluations, as this strategy essentially makes the feedback submission [...]

Learning about the Blue Instructor Feedback Dashboard (IFD)

The goal of the Blue Instructor Feedback Dashboard (IFD) is to empower instructors with a robust tool for exploring and analyzing their course evaluations feedback collected over time so that they can identify meaningful continuous improvement opportunities. In this webinar, we will show how an end user (an instructor) can use the IFD, as well [...]

Program Evaluations? How to Use Blue in Program Evaluations

In addition to course evaluations, more and more institutions are using Blue in their program evaluations to gain more insight on the quality of their programs, as they seek to continuously improve their program offerings. In this session, we will show you how to build program evaluations as a separate process, or integrated into your [...]