Agile and Responsive Feedback at Cardiff University; Failing Fast and Adapting Quickly

The Covid pandemic shone a spotlight on the need for effective student voice across the sector, and at Cardiff we had to adapt quickly to ensure we were meeting the needs of our students. This session will explore how Cardiff University, a Russell Group institution, adapted legacy approaches to student voice by utilising Blue to [...]

Survey Emails as an Effective Tool for Improving Response Rates: Sharing Email HTML Codes

Survey invitation and reminder emails can positively impact response rates. Many Bluenotes community members expressed their interest in learning about HTML codes used in survey emails. In this webinar, University of Florida will share various email HTML codes to make survey invitation and reminder emails more effective. Time: December 1, 1:00pm Eastern Time Presenter: John [...]

BlueX 1.8 Release Q&A Webinar

BlueX 1.8 is on its way! In this release Q&A webinar, we will discuss the latest additions and enhancements BlueX will be discussed, including: Enhanced ranking question Event-based invitations Relative email schedules Enhanced constant BlueX available in French Time: December 2, 2:00pm EDT &  December 2, 3:00pm AEDT Presenter: Dave Sykes, Product Training Specialist, Explorance [...]