Discover How the Community Sharing Sandbox Can Help You Best Use Blue

Join us for this learning webinar where we will unveil what’s set up in the Community Sharing Sandbox for you.  The Community Sharing Sandbox, created per the recommendation by various Bluenotes Community members for more effective knowledge sharing with each other, is a Blue instance for those who are performing Blue Admin responsibilities in [...]

Comment Mining: Diving into Our Most Underutilized Resource Using AI

One of the greatest challenges with qualitative feedback is despite how easy it is to collect, there is nothing easy about processing it. Qualitative resources are severely underutilized because they are often enormous, difficult to analyze, and unorganized. But what if they weren’t? What if you could process qualitative feedback in minutes, analyze the [...]

Blue 9: Next Generation Feedback Analytics Platform

In this release webinar, we will cover all the new experiences and foundational improvements introduced with Blue 9. We will review the new Blue Home that’s configurable and personalizable, to the all-new Explorance authentication/expanded SSOs and more! This learning webinar will also be delivered in French. To register for the French session, please see the [...]

Découvrez comment l’Environnement de partage de la communauté peut vous aider à mieux utiliser Blue

Joignez-vous à nous pour ce webinaire d'apprentissage où nous dévoilerons ce qui est mis en place dans l'Environnement de partage de la communauté pour vous. L'Environnement de partage de la communauté, créé selon la recommandation de divers membres de la communauté Bluenotes pour un partage de connaissances plus efficace entre eux, est une instance [...]

Blue 9 : Plateforme d’analyse de retour d’expérience de nouvelle génération

Dans ce webinaire, nous couvrirons toutes les nouvelles expériences et les améliorations fondamentales introduites avec Blue 9. Nous passerons en revue le nouveau Blue Home qui est configurable et personnalisable, jusqu'à la toute nouvelle authentification Explorance/ les SSO élargis et plus encore ! Date: Mercredi 29 novembre 2023 Heure: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Heure [...]

Bluenotes Medical & Health Sciences Community Meetup: January 18

Members in the Bluenotes Medical & Health Sciences Community of Practice met on October 11 to share and discuss the unique requirements for Medical and Health Sciences. The members will continue this discussion at the next community meetup scheduled on Thursday, January 18, 2024 @ 1pm ET exploring the use of Blue for clinical [...]

Bluenotes U15 Community of Practice Meetup: November 22

Members in the Bluenotes U15 Community of Practice (community members that are a part of the U15 Consortium - a group of Canadian Research Universities) are meeting on Wednesday, November 22, 2023 @ 1pm ET to connect, share experiences, and continue discussions from the 2023 CEI conference on topics such as what to do [...]