BlueX Onboarding – Managing: Monitor and Manage Responses in BlueX

Once your survey in BlueX is published, BlueX offers a range of tools to monitor and manage response rates in real time with the full visibility to survey participation status. This learning webinar is Part 2 of BlueX onboarding, covering key BlueX features and functionality to: Monitoring real time responses Managing survey tasks Sending email [...]

360 Reports: Harnessing the Power of Story Telling

Organizations can present 360 feedback in an efficient story telling manner so that it becomes a mechanism that drives meaningful change. Every type of project possesses its own narrative, and 360-reports can be set up in numerous ways to effectively convey that desired narrative. Throughout this webinar we will cover real-world examples of reporting structures [...]

Managing Large Questionnaires with Blue

Course Evaluations play a major role in student learning experience and asking the right questions of the appropriate audience is key. If you and your institution are managing multiple instruments, then this presentation is for you. You may have heard of terms such as triggers, QBank or Question Bank and wondered which solution or approach [...]

Automating End-to-End Feedback Processes in Blue

Blue provides a rich set of features and functionalities that enable your feedback processes to be fully automated. Life happens and things change: people are hired and leave, dates change, and expectations shift. In this webinar, we will learn how Blue can be leveraged to help you automate your feedback processes from beginning to end. [...]