More About Blue 8 – Dynamic Days, Self-Enrollment, and Answering Your Questions

Continuing with the exploration of Blue 8's features and development, we will cover how Dynamic Days are managed. We will also dive into a new feature that helps admins gather feedback when none or only a portion of an audience is known: Self-Enrollment. Through the use of QR codes, individuals not already invited to a [...]

How SUTD Reached a 95%+ Response Rate on their Course and Instructor Evaluations in 6 Months

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) tried to increase the response rate of their Course and Instructor Evaluations over several years with limited success. In this Webinar, SUTD will share how their innovative usage of Blue and University Policies resulted in a 97% response rate in 2020. Time: May 19, 4:00pm Singapore Timezone Presenters: Magnus [...]