Moving to Virtual Experience


Like you, we have been carefully monitoring the COVID -19 pandemic since mid-March. While the international health efforts have slowed the spread of COVID-19, various Bluenotes community members have expressed their concerns about traveling at this time. Many of you have also expressed that your institutions have imposed domestic and international travel restrictions and do not have the authorization to travel for the remainder of 2020. In acknowledgment of these restrictions, we have made the decision to move Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020 and all related events to a virtual environment. It was a very difficult decision; however, we feel it was the best option at this time to ensure that all Bluenotes community members remain well and safe.

With your participation, we are confident and committed that we can create an interactive and immersive learning experience for all. The Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020 will be completely virtual, and there will be no cost to Bluenotes community members. If you have already registered, your Bluenotes GLOBAL registration fees will be automatically applied to the next conference date.

We look forward to seeing you online as a part of our new virtual experience.

Join Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020 Virtual Experience, and let’s learn and move forward together!