The University of Toronto is in a phased process of implementing the University of Toronto’s Cascaded Course Evaluation Framework (CCEF). The CCEF aims to represent both centralized and decentralized teaching and learning priorities across various multiple levels of the University (e.g. faculties or divisions, departments, instructors). In this webinar, we share insights gained through two contrasting cases of faculty/division-level implementation, one which experienced early and consistent success, and a second with a greater number of challenges. We discuss the features of these cases as well as indicators of relative progress and outcomes between them. As well, we describe the lessons learned from these cases in terms of the importance of community consultation and buy-in, collaboration and engagement with stakeholders, and, building and maintaining sustainable processes as new course evaluation systems are implemented.

Presenters: Victoria James, Data Coordinator, University of Toronto;Gregory Hum, PhD, Assistant Director, Teaching Assessment, University of Toronto

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