Imagine bringing together a group of leaders across many higher education institutions. Imagine tasking them to come up and agree upon ten improvement based questions. Imagine asking these same ten questions to thousands of students and interpreting the insights within. How useful do you believe the data would be in guiding every one of your institutional leaders in supporting their key goals and strategic decisions? To what extent do you believe that we are all bound by the same set of challenges and opportunities? If you have gotten thus far, chances are that you believe, as we do, that improvement is personal. And while there may be some value in having many agree on a few common themes to capture and analyze in a summative way; this may not necessarily be the optimal engine for teaching and learning improvement. eXplorance is inspired by the recent education breakthroughs in course evaluation thought leadership. In his webinar we shall unveil key features and functionality made possible in the latest release of eXplorance’s Blue and key in on the importance of leveraging institutional hierarchy to enable the implementation of a cascaded course evaluation process. We will also present how this process must take advantage of enrolment demographics to support diverse teaching roles, and to provide richer and more accurate insights.
Presenter: Samer Saab, CEO, eXplorance