Blue provides a number of built-in features for course evaluations that can help you and your faculty plan what to evaluate when, and help your key stakeholders monitor the evaluation’s progress in an effort to achieve the best response rates possible. Response Rate Monitor, Subject View Management, Subject View and Subject Fill Out are key Blue features for that. In this learning webinar, we will show you what they are, how they differ, where you can use them, and for what purposes. This will allow you to take full advantage of these Blue features in your own environment, improving the autonomy of the end users with an increased automation of course evaluation workflows. The learning webinar is scheduled to be delivered three times for our community members in different time zones worldwide.
  • February 26, 9pm-10:00pm Eastern Timezone, mainly for customers in the APAC region
  • February 27, 6am-7:00am Eastern Timezone, mainly for customers in the Europe region
  • February 27, 2pm-3:00pm Eastern Timezone, mainly for customers in Americas region
Pick the learning webinar session offered at the time that best fits your schedule, upon clicking the “Click here to register” button.

Presenter: Krimo Bouaou, Director of Learning Center, Explorance